Building Information Modeling

You can see your project before we even start.

Through our use of Building Information Modeling (BIM), we can bring your project to virtual life before construction begins, allowing you, the design team, Drahota, and our trade partners to explore potential issues, and ensure smooth, logical coordination of trades.

By letting us essentially “build before we build,” BIM helps the project along in a variety of ways. For example, we can explore prefabrication opportunities, which allow us to bring fully constructed component to the jobsite for installation, saving time and ensuring a high level of quality.

Through 3-D logistics planning, we can determine the best options for deliveries, traffic flow, and field office placement, and minimize impact on pedestrians.

With tablets and iPads, all team members can keep up with work as it happens, and virtual mock-ups allow each to visualize any portion of the construction before it begins, assisting in design team and client decision-making.

And seeing the project visually helps with clash detection and assembly coordination. We’ll know about any potential conflicts between electrical, structural or mechanical work long before they occur, allowing us to coordinate trades in an efficient manner – saving you time and money.