companysafetysqIn addition to our superior construction services, Drahota adheres to the highest standards of safety. We realize that any construction site is potentially dangerous no matter how innocuous it may appear. Inclement weather and wind, trespassers, heavy equipment, excavations, power tools, and unfinished structures all pose their own inherent threats to worker safety.

Because of the potential hazards posed by the nature of construction work, Drahota has instituted a comprehensive in-house safety program to identify hazards, instill safe work practices, and significantly reduce the potential for injuries in the workplace. Our full-time Safety Officers assist in assessing hazards, providing oversight, researching better construction methodologies and helping to maintain compliance with all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. Drahota Supervisors receive ongoing safety training so that they are equipped not only to recognize a hazard, but also to take corrective measures as needed. At our mandatory weekly safety meetings, our employees receive documented training pertaining to various safety issues and are advised of any safety concerns that may arise.

A successful, comprehensive safety program not only ensures that employees are protected from the potential hazards of the industry, but also benefits the employer and the consumer by controlling the expense of workers’ compensation and alleviating the burden of lost workdays due to injury or work-related illness. A comprehensive safety program results in lower costs and a safer, more competitive company, like Drahota.